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100 % Bike Spaß mit der richtigen Mountainbike Technik

Our mountain bike technique training courses teach correct MTB-technique, as mountain biking is not the same as cycling. There are some basic techniques and tips which help riding various terrain. With good technquie moutain bikers can ride trails and climb hills safely and with more fun, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of the biking in the mountains. Our technique training is divided into units for all abilities. We offer unquie tours and training courses which include riding our own Bike Park.

Technique Training Module 1

Monday & Wednesday 2:00pm

Price: with rental € 50,-
no hire € 25,- | Duration: 2 hrs
Distance: 10KM | Altitude:: 300VM
Technique   Fitness

Technique training module 1 is for all mountain bikers who want to improve their skills and ride safely. We teach basic MTB tequnique, such as how to brake and turn correctly, what to do in case of an emergency, and much more. We also ride our own obstacle course to improve your balance. Exercises have an emphasis on fun.


Technique Training Module 2

Tuesday 2:00pm

Price: with rental € 50,-
no hire € 25,- | Duration: 2 hrs
Distance: 10KM | Altitude: 300VM
Technique:    Fitness

Available for graduates of module 1. Module 2 concentrates on techniques for downhill trail riding. The course takes place in our own bike park, where we show you correct downhill techniques, such as riding hairpin bends and rough terrain. After the course we use video analysis to help improve your riding position.


Technique Training Module 3

Wednesday & Friday 2:00pm

Price: with rental € 50,-
no hire € 25,- | Duration: 2 Std
Distance: 10KM | Altitude: 300VM
Technique:    Fitness:

Available for graduates of module 1 & 2. In Module 3 we continue to focus on downhill technquie by riding some trilling trails. Riding uphill is no problem with the help of our powerful E-MTB’s. Your guide will decide which routes are suitable for you and give you tips and instruction along the way.
We will ride 1 – 2 trails.


Kids Bike Training

Tuesday 4:00pm

Preis: with rental € 30 | E-MTB € 45
no hire € 20,- | Duration: 2 hrs
Distance: 5KM | Höhenmeter: –
Technique   Fitness

For children from 6 to 12 years, we offer our popular children’s bike adventure. With fun in mind we teach kids basic MTB technique, such as correct braking and steering.  We also improve balance by riding in our own obstacle course and teach techniques for down hill riding. Together in a group kids improved their riding skills in a fun environment.



available by appointment

Price for 3 pers.:
2 hrs € 120.- | 3 hrs € 150.-
4 hrs € 170.- | All day: € 250.-
€ 20.- for each additional person

Our guides will individually tailor a training program to suit your needs. We will give you tips and instuction to help improve your MTB technique. Whether it’s basic technique or down hill trail riding we have it covered. Including riding our own bike park with balance obstacles, a wave train, a step down, and much more.


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